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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. 6:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. jon kelley has the morning off. let's check in with rob as you get ready to go the to grandmother's house? >> across the bay. >> across the bridge. >> through the tunnel. >> we have a little bit of rain for you this morning. as we head through the afternoon things will start to dry out. right now the only place really drying out is the north bay. marin county starting to see the rain in the delta and east bay hills. san francisco still seeing rain. the wettest spot is the tri valley location. and the main event for the south bay is just getting started. i think through 8:00, especially to gilroy, mostly cloudy skies and light to moderate rain. by lunchtime should see a few breaks. cool day today. upper 50s to low 60s. the rest of your holiday forecast looks warmer and drier.
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we'll have a full look at the seven-day forecast coming up. we'll look forward to that. a bay area tradition is under way in san francisco. glide memorial church is ready to serve thanksgiving meals throughout the day to thousands of people in need. damien trujillo joins us live at glide with more on the special feast. zblm good morning, the volunteers are out. they've been arriving, trickling in throughout the morning. the carving will begin shortly as more than 5,000 people will be fed. the volunteers began their work yez. dozens showed up to begin their prep work for this special day. they'll get turkey and all the
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fixings. 600 volunteers are responsible for the thgsz meal here at glide. many will give their time this thanksgiving to feed the needy and the hungry. >> the volunteers that come to glide supply us with the labor. right now we only have 16 people that work in the kitchen throughout the year. it's not enough to actually serve 5,000 people. so we really, really depend on them heavily. >> with this economy, glide tells us the donations are down and the demand is up. just like every other reason of the bay area. people have stepped up. i'm damien trujillo, back to you guys. >> they played with heavy hearts.
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gavilan college men's basketball team hitting for the first time since the starting point guard died last friday. the rams dedicated last night's game in san bruno and the rest of the season to gains. the team is also without johnson and billy herd. both were in the same car with gains when they got into an accident on highway 101 in milbray. herd is still in the hospital. johnson watched the game from the bench in a walking boot. now the loss of all three is a great challenge for the team. >> you just -- our model is not to play for him, but to play with him. as if he's still here with us. those guys did that today. >> the chp will continue to investigation the crash. gavilan lost to skyline, 56-53. >> it is 6:03. a registered sex offender is now under arrest in san jose, a
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suspect in luring gay men in a popular shopping area. take a look at this picture of chad william swanson. they want other potential victims to come forward. swanson hangs out near an lgbt community center and tries to persuade them to come home with him. he's accused of sexually assaulting a teenager in october. he has a previous for lewd or lascivious acts. the case against former bart police officer and four other bart police officers are on told until monday. mehserle told the jury kenneth carrethers was unruly and he was afraid he would attack another officer. he said he had no doubt carrethers was going to hit another officer on the head. he sued five men and bart claiming they used excessive force during the confrontation
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at the coliseum in 2008. occupy protesters in san francisco calling on people to close bank accounts now taking their message to a new level. organizers want to create their own bank to as to keep money out of the so-called 1%. surveys have been floating around social networking sites asking people for their feedback. the movement hopes there will be enough interest to create a credit union. results will be sent to the state department of financial institutions. they have life. they have power. they have a cook ten. today they're going to serve thanksgiving meals. protesters taking a break this weekend. but vow to return in greater numbers on monday for a general strike against tuition hikes. organizers are expecting up to 100 new tents at the beginning of the week.
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there are more than 6,000 people who can be as gluttaneous. not taking turkey trot? >> i'm not going to do the run. steve will be doing both. if you're at home. what do you need to know? >> leave as early as possible. take public transit, if you can. get ready to have fun. you'll have 21,000 of your closest fans right here. a few minutes after that. there we go. good thing it's not windy out. it's a little drizly.
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but it's warmer. >> people who came last year knew it was chilly. we're looking toward to it. >> last year 14,000 people. we compare that the 2,000. the year 21,000. >> the amount of people who really enjoy it. it's a community event. 21,000. our goal was 17,500. we were amazed. >> early bird gets the work. you can't show up and sign up. >> there's no on site registration. we have a costume contest with 500 people registered. it could be wild. it will be wild. this is for charity.
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they've raised $2.2 million locall locally. >> rob redell, thank you much. happy thanksgiving to you. and rob is in for christina this morning. he has the turkey trot forecast. >> temperatures are not too cold outside. what's left of the light rain getting out by 7:00 this morning. 40s and 50s outside right now. speaking of the north bay, look at that. the rain is already out to fair field and sacramento. and the east bay is seeing more of a swiss cheese with the rain.
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there you see san jose to cupertino and campbell, mainly light rain. the system crossing the bay area is being split apart in two directions. so the main event is happening right now. we'll probably see some clearing today 60 in san jose after a cool and like rain start for your morning. today wettest day in probably the coolest day we'll see. we start to warm things up saturday and sunday. and on the coast we're looking for sunshine. highs near 60. >> the city of santa cruz is getting national recognition for getting ahead of the bad guys.
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the city police department programmed to predict crimes is actually one of the 50 best inventions of the year. it uses earthquake aftershock models to determine where future crimes will take place. the program predicts there will be after crimes following an initial crime. >> 6:10. a bay area volunteer group is looking to become more permanent. they will host a fund-raiser to raise money for the on-call animal medic. they also wan to buy a van to convert to an ambulance. they saved a hawk with a nail in its head. then removing a beer can around the neck of a seagull.
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>> we have tips from experts on cooking a turkey coming up. and the 51-year-old who went from amateur to pro hockey player in a matter of minutes.
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welcome back to you. iran's official news agency is claiming the country has arrested 12 cia agents this morning. iran says the alleged agents were operating in coordination with israel's spy agency, targeting country's military and nuclear program in iran. iran has not released any information about the alleged capture, and the u.s. has not commented on the claim. three u.s. students arrested in tahrir square are now free. they were arrested on monday, accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces for the roof
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of the building on the american university of the cairo campus, where they were enrolled in classes. lawyers for michael jackson's doctor want him to get probation. they say he's already serving a lifetime sentence of self punishment. they're asking a judge to sentence murray to probation and community service in the medical field. prosecutors say murray showed no remorse for jackson' death and placed the blame on others. frrts want a four-year prison nns. california will not be getting extra federal funding for schools. federal officials say california is out of the competition this year. the feds say california
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committed an incomplete application. the chool's chief says he's disappointed with the decision. let's check in with the rob. the turkey trot. one in san jose. one in walnut creek. >> it's too bad they don't start in the afternoon. parts of the east bay has rain. this is the worst of the weather we're seeing. 40s and 50s outside. not too cold because we have clouds there you see winds close to 12 miles per hour. as we talk about the weather headlines we're seeing the transition taking place now in the north bay. and our hill top by noon what's left of the rain should turn to scattered showers. but if you're heading to the high countries, sierra snow
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levels close to 5500 feet this morning. rain totals is obviously the north bay. seeing half an inch. but notice even in san francisco you can see the rain line pushing off to oakland. the hills taking you down to zap jose. as we go through the next few hours you'll notice the rain starts to head to the oois. probably out of the east bay. the future cast is picking this up in the afternoon. we'll see highs today in the upper 50s. should be in the mid 50s for the north bay. and we'll see maybe drizzle for
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the coast. trending warmer and certainly drier. mid 60 rz this weekend. back to you. ♪ i eat the turkey and i take a nap. thanksgiving is a special night. jimmy walker and the dynamite. >> a young adam sandler. if you're up early with you are, you are ready for the turkey feast. tara is joining us on the phone this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us. >> oh, no. we'll never be able to cook our turkey now. take the plastic wrap off first. >> defrost it is the biggest
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question. we're having trouble with our phone lines. great. now you got to rely on us. i've made a bird before. have you? >> many times. >> my dad tells the story of covering it with wax paper. don't do that. >> brent cease sister put the bird in the oven and slit it to turn it on, she was cleaning the oven. >> what did that eat that night? >> out, definitely. for sure. you can call 1-800-butter-ball for more information there. no doubt the area is full of questions. in 11 hours the so-called har-bowl will start. the 49ers and jim harbaugh ready
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to take on his brother john. the har-bowl starts at 5:20 san francisco will not offer salary arbitration to cody ross. that means the team will not get anything if they sign with a different team. ross is the nl championship series mvp. he is a local guy that graduated from bellerman. wasn't a high scoring game, but it got the job done. sharks score in the second period against the black hawks. it was all they really needed. sharks win it 1-0. they're off until saturday night. >> i think maybe we have on the phone -- well, we'll see if we can get her in a second. a recreational hockey league
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team had to find a replacement goalie. the minnesota wild within the from an embroidery shop owner to pro goalie in the course of one night. when the team's starter was kaled away for personal reasons, the coach signed him up for backup. he was scratched when the starter made it back in time. kind of cool. >> i think that's cool. if you're up early with us, we were mentioning you're prebl ready for the big turkey feast. maybe putting the bird in the oven. we want to help out with the good folks for the butter ball hot line. >> tara, i think we have her on the phone this time. good morning, tara. >> caller: good morning. how are you? >> wonderful. very good. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you from the butterball turkey hot line. >> getting lots of calls this morning? >>. >> we sure are. glad to get them.
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>> no doubt a lot f people asking you about the frosting. kind of late in the day for that. is there hope for those folks? >> sure. we'll be glad to help them here at 1-800-butterball. we have a water meth we use to thaw the turkey. there's a bit of ice in the cavity. not to worry. put it in your clean sink. cover it with cold tap water. t ten change the water frequently to help thaw it out. that's one of my tips for your listeners. >> that's a common misconception. you think warm water. but cold is what you should use. >> cold water is a good food safe practice. always use cold water. keep the turkey cold. either in the refrigerator or the water.
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>> twhast the funniest question you've ever received? >> caller: the funniest question. i had a caller yesterday, and she was -- she said she had heard some rustling. and she put the purr key on the table, and she went to see what it was, and she covered with a piece of reynolds. she had a small dog patting at the foil. so she shooed him away. i said, did they touch it? was it covered. she said it was covered but they never got to it. we get all kinds of questions. >> tara, when do you get to have
6:23 am
turkey in you're working. >> when do i get turkey? >> yeah, yeah. >> well, while i'm here, my family is home working diligently to prepare butterball turke turkey. >> no doubt with the best instructions e we are accepting phone calls all morning long. aaron, you're all set. great, thanks.
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welcome back to you. happy thanksgiving. coming up on 6:26 as we take a live picture of new york city where the macy's day parade will come straight down that street. a group of homeowners have filed suit against their napes. homeowners filed suit against six owners on the home of the street above them. saying they failed to take care of their property. the city has not yet commented on the issue. crab is not on the thanksgiving menu unless you're willing to go catch it yourself.
6:27 am
dozens were at the peer using traditional and unconventional methods to reel in thanksgiving dinner. commercial fishermen and seafood distributors are locked in a pricing dispute. my sons and i often crab fish. any city pier n california the it's legal without a line. boy, crabs are done. >> the things you'll learn. and why your credit card information may have been stolen doing the thanksgiving shopping. we have a warning from the local chain up next. plus, another abandoned puppy pops up. we'll tell you how he's doing. and on this thanksgiving morning we're watching rain now starting to clear away from the north bay.
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we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. we're live in san francisco. volunteers are carving turkeys and hams. ready to feed 5,000 people. and i'm bob redell live in the south bay with a thanksgiving tradition that is so popular at capacity, full, no more sign up. we'll take you to the turkey trot coming up. and to make sure you get home safely, a company offering you and your car a free ride home. this morning not a lot of traffic to report on this thanksgiving, thursday, november 24th, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. happy thanksgiving to you. 6:30 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. jon has the day off. happy thg to you and your wife. >> and you as well. seeing the rain push away from san francisco. still hung up in the south bay hills. marin county, the rain has move on. really looking at light rain. quick check of the future cast. showers shut down quickly. storm track heads to the north. this is for the east bay and the south bay. showers done by the afternoon. highs on the cool side. 50s to low 60s. then we'll warm up as we head to the upcoming weekend. full look at that coming up in a few minnesotas.
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volunteers are ready to serve breakfast and dinner. good morning, scott. the volunteers are here bright and early. young ladies cutting up the turkey and the ham in the background. agent 600 volunteers are needed here for the big feast. an annual feast here in san francisco. let's speak with a volunteer. you've gone through one turkey so far. about 100 more to go. >> you have. >> >> tell us what brings you o out. >> it's not often i give back to the community and do something to make me feel good personally. and thanksgiving being such a familial and social holiday,
6:33 am
it's important to do this. >> it took you a few minutes to carve the last turkey. any tips at home for people about to do this? >> well, i'm learning. i'm getting quicker as i go. that was number one. there's only about 100 more left to go. >> give us your full name. >> cheyenne milne. these folks are chopping up the vegetable, the turkey and ham that this process is taking place. and that this mission is complete. that looks good, doesn't it. >> it does. a wonderful tradition as well. thank you, damien. >> put down that mike and they'll put you to work. the oakland school district faces more lawsuits over a deadly shooting earlier this year. the parents of brown filed court papers on wednesday seeking $10
6:34 am
million after he was shot and killed by school police. the zrikt is also facing suit from the mother. brown was in a car another man. police said brown tried to stab an officer with a screwdriver. 6:4. attention lucky shoppers. the company warning that credit and debit card readers at 20 bay area stores were tamperred with. visit our website, and search lucky. aaa is chipping in to make sure you get home safely. the company is bringing back the
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tipsy toe service. from 6:00 tonight to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow you can get a free ten-mile tow home. call 1-800-aaa-help, and then tell the operator you need a tipsy tow. they will also offer the service on christmas eve and new year's eve. >> you may remember us telling you about half a dozen puppies were abandoned. now a seventh abandoned puppy turned up. they believe the additional pup come prs the same litters the six other australian sheep dog puppies. police believe whoever abandoned them drove them to a recycling center where they were dumped by a fence. they're blossoming under the spca care. silicon valley is home to several successful start-ups. this one hit the ground running. bob redell is live with more on
6:36 am
the turkey frot. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, laura. you have some runners starting to show up this morning. is this the first year doing it? >> no, my second year. >> what brings you out early on the thanksgiving morning? >> my family back in salt lake, we do it every year. so i'll will running by. >> you're going to burn off how many callry. >> we'll burn off 600 or 700. we were talking about this
6:37 am
earlier. 2 thourkz people showed up the first year. last year was 14,000. 21,000. why do you think it's become so popular? >> people have found it to be pleasant. they're kids, they're moms. they're dads. the money raised was $2.2 million for the charity. they'll have a collection site today. we like to make sure they have food in the coming weeks. that's like two calories for me.
6:38 am
they got raegge music. wrn we have rob back there. meteorologist mysteriously. is it going to be like this all morning or get ha little bit better? >> we'll check in with rob right now enjoying the music out there. >> we're seeing mainly temperatures in the 50s. and a little bit of a breeze of the southeast. mainly light rain. a little bit of wet roads in san jose. the forecast will improve through 11:00. already seeing clearing in the north bay. 40s and 50s outside. not much wind outside either. you can see on the satellite and radar, the trend of the last
6:39 am
hour. the tri-valley and east bay seeing the most out of the system. moderate rain in hayward. in san jose, moderate rain east of downtown. we still have rain in the santa cruz mountains. the transition is most of the moisture will scoot off to the south. upper 50s to low 60s. north bay you're looking at highses in the mid-50s. high pressure builds in. back to the mid 60s. a real life hamburglar caught on tape. what he has to say for himself this morning. >> plus the thanksgiving day parade already under way on the east coast as we take a live look this morning. what you're going to see and the bay area connection. and the mayor responding to reports that stop signs are not
6:40 am
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verizon. welcome back to you. a little foggy out there. the average flight has been delayed 47 minutes due to traffic restriction and this fog. . check your flight schedule. before football teams take to
6:43 am
the field another high school tradition will kick off this holiday morning. where the balloons will hit the streets. . good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. >> >> we are well under way with a parade here in new york city. take a look behind me. the balloon makers and confetti makers enjoy the day. they are making sure the large balloons are in place for their journey. all along this parade route today. some new balloons this year. we have sonic the hedgehog. he's been redesigned. hundreds of volunteers are working year round to make sure the parade goes off without a hitch.
6:44 am
we have con fret tee flying everywhere. >> fun to see. i would imagine spectacular to be there as well. >> let's hope that was confetti. the turkey trot will be under way in a few minutes. we'll check in with bob. plus the family of bryan stow offering their thanks this thanksgiving. we'll update you on his recovery.
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6:46. happy thanksgiving to you. let's welcome meteorologist rob back filling in for christi that
6:47 am
this morning. we're watching clouds fill in. that's a sneak preview of the weather we're going to have over the next couple of mornings. you can see the winds out of the southeast from san jose other to oakland and napa. the rain has moved on. now we have low clouds settling in this morning. north bay already seeing clearg from a rain line that's pushed off to the east. san francisco now with fog set up behind the rain that pushed on. you can see towards the east bay, danville to dublin, hayward, san leandro, castro valley. san jose, just really heavy mist
6:48 am
coming down in a few spots around the santa clara ral slee. the moisture is forced to rise up. that's where you're seeing the rain west wards. most of the action transitioning. that's the trend for the afternoon. we'll see highs in the 50s and 60s. then storm tracker is off to the north. expect highs close to 6 0 in san jose. mid 50s in hils burg. slow is close to 6,000 feet for today. tomorrow maybe morning mist. more patchy and thick fog could slow. east palo alto city leaders says something has to be done to prevent another tragedy. this is a follow-up of a story
6:49 am
we brought you yesterday. the intersection at bay and gloria has been the scene of a number of pedestrian-involved zentds. people hit by cars. including the recent death of a 6-year-old girl. the community says more needs to be done. a consulting firm recommending to not install stop signs due to a technicality with state laws. yeah, we've only had four accidents. you need five or six before it triggers a stop sign. >> the mayor is expecting an emotional discussion at next week's city council meeting. that's scheduled next week. the family of bryan stow says they have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. in an update stow's family says
6:50 am
he is working hard at his physical therapy every day. when he's asking if he wants a break, he usually says no. while he struggles to remember answers to some questions, he remembers important things like his family and friends. we certainly wish them well. the memorial church is ready to celebrate to help those in needs. damien trujillo is live with an update. everything is well under way it looks like. >> it wouldn't be a celebration without these volunteers who are helping put this thing together. they're carving 300 turkeys. let me talk to this young lady over here. this is your tenth turkey? >> i think so. zbr you saw the line of folks
6:51 am
outside who are eager and waiting to get their meal. what is it like to see there's still that need? >> it's sad. it's gratifying that i can do something to help. i asked if he had any tips. he has no idea what he's doing. >> they should carve it very carefully. they don't want to go to the hospital. >> it might be a good idea to have an emt out here. thank you, damien. an east bay mortgage insurance company filing for bankruptcy. they list $736 million in the chapter 11 filing. the company ensures mortgages when bore rowers make small
6:52 am
payments. the nation's unemployment rate as well as the sluggish housing and mortgage markets also playing a role in that filing. local merchants asking you to skip black friday tomorrow. plus, buy local at mom and pop stores this year. >> we want to promote going to your neighborhood first. for anything that you need. putting your community first. many have the special card to encourage kids to shop mom and pop. a woman in custody after stealing two cars in concord. one of them a concord police cruiser. police say they pulled the woman over at 10:30 near chestnut avenue. she was arrested for stolen
6:53 am
property and illegal drug possession. she managed to climb into the driver's seat. on your mark. get set, eat. for about 2,000 of our more motivated neighbors, they're actually going to talk on a trot before taking on turkey. bob redell is live in san jose with that. good morning to you, scott. they'll have a record number of people doing the 5k and 10k walk and runs this morning. you may recognize her from the biggest loser tv show. good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too. you ended the show a year ago.
6:54 am
you lost 99 pounds. >> thank you. >> and you've been running ever since. >> i developed a real love for running while i was on the show. and this morning being thanksgiving, you're not missing anything as home as far as being with the family or putting the turkey in the oven, that sorlt of thing. >> it's still early. i will definitely get in family time. it's good to start off the day right by getting in my exercise. >> we all know we'll be on the treadmill tomorrow. wink, wink, nod, nod. no. good luck today. carl gardino came up with the idea for the turkey trot. when? seven years ago, carl? eight years ago. you were sitting with your wife. we thought we should do something like this in silicon valley. today 21,000 registrations. first time you had to do that.
6:55 am
this is second on a day where we're thankful. they are through charities. second harvest food banking and it's a fun and healthy way to kick off our holidays and earn the second slice of pie today. including this year. $2.2 million you've raised for the three charities. you ask them to bring you in. >> we are. we will bring 15,000 pounds just today in canned goods to the race. >> you got in a bicycling accident. i know it's hard for you not to be out in your running gear. are you going to be okay? >> my wife and i are iron man
6:56 am
triathletes. i hit a skateboard and flipped over, fractured my pelvis, fractured my arm. i'll be out for three months. but perspective. we have a chance to bless other people today. i'll be back running next year. so they have a costume contest starting at 7:00. around 7:45 the wheelchair walk and run. so big this year. so popular, they're not allowing day--of signup. >> thank you very much. best wishes to carl as well. >> what a great family they are. when it comes to high-tech technology in hollywood the much pets are on the low end.
6:57 am
>> check it out. this is going to be a really short movie. they work to make sure their technology looks nothing like technolog technology. >> it's a tongue and cheek version of it. he rolled his eyes. he uses graphic processes here in silicon valley to make quick work of the very complex scenes. the "today show" starts in just a minutes and savannah guthrie has a look at what's coming up this morning. a holiday tragedy in arizona. a small plane crashes into a group of mountains east of phoenix.
6:58 am
we'll have the latest on two new claims of child sexual abuse levelled against penn state coach jerry sandusky. his attorney now telling nbc news one allegation comes for a member of his own family. and we have a chef here with last-minute delicious recipes. and matt, ann and al are hosting nbc's coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we are starting on a busy morning here on today. that she mentioned. it's going to be a surreal moment. homestead is one of ten schools picked for the parade. the only one from the west coast.
6:59 am
nbc bay area is up at 9:00. i want to check the forecast with rob maeda. >> baltimore har-bowl taking on with the 49ers and ravens. we'll see rain changing to showers. we warm up with patchy fog this weekend. >> let's look at this guy getting his own thanksgiving meal at mcdonald's. he was intoxicated, jumped into the mcdonald's in cedar falls, started a deep fryer. he was arrested. >> it's really messed up a lot of my life. my clear plans and everything like that. it's really tough on me now. >> a tough thg for him but happy thanksgiving to you. >> no doubt. have a great one with you


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